09 i-enter was initially founded in rental office space.


As the company expanded they moved to Shibuya.


10 Information Security Management Certification "SMS" was received.


As the company grew, the main office was relocated.
As the company expanded the first new hire employees entered the company.


04 The group company i.e. Sea Co. ltd. was established.Focusing on network and infrastructure, company development began.


11 Waseda Publishing put out the useful title "The mail I have been praying for has come". (Irie Yasuhiro)


The iPhone apps Pocket life, Account, SP, iPocket were released.
07 Membership system, achievement performance program "Smart phone research group" starts.


As the company grew, the main office was relocated.
Ice Sweets mail order site (Senzaemon) open
i-seiQ (system for industrial use: Contract, documents, publication, management service) released.


With growth the Osaka branch was established.
i-face (iPad focused reception management system) released.
BOX ( industrial secure cloud storage) released.
"Smart phone usage and business support service" was recognized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Pocket life, Account, SP, iPocket was released for Windows Phone.
i-enter app is released on the Google Play store.


10 Vietnam, Hanoi i-enter Asia is established.
Video, applications "Hello Kitty and Friends" Movie World is released.
Center Exam "Listening" application "Center Redbook" is released.
Had an exhibit at the 3rd Wed & Mobile Marketing Expo (Autumn)


Had an exhibit at the 8th Web & Mobile Marketing Expo (Spring)
The free app that Mother and Baby can use to take video of themselves "Photo Baby" is released
The oversleeping prevention app for when you are in a car or bus "Nesbo" is released
The shopping list application "Wasuren" is released
The photo frame app "Frepara" is released
Extreme speed SS combined app "Yonda" is released
i.e. sea Co. ltd. becomes an AWS advanced consulting partner


i-enter for the first time released a casual game app "Lovestruck Mejed" is released
Smartphone app "Wasuren" becomes supported for AppleWatch