Research & Development of i-enter

Excitement by the new technologies

R&D Efforts

At i-enter, we are always stretching our antenna towards the advancerd technologies.
We are promoting research and development together with team of our specialists.
We have been actively proposing the development plan of our customers through the knowledge gained through the research and development.
By introducing the exciting technology, we are bringing abundance and joy in our life.
We would like to be a contributor to our society.

IoT Research

We are conducting research and prototype development related to the sensors combining representative shield boards such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison and others; and to the process of data aggregation / analysis / visualization in the cloud,
Also, one of the fields of our specialty is the development of sensors that work in conjunction with smartphones and tablets.

Research on artificial intelligence

We are doing research on data analysis using machine learning, such as sales forecast and product type classification.
We are also utilizing AWS Machine Learning, etc. and also analyzing big data with Python-based library learning machine for scikit-learn.

Study of virtual reality

We are conducting virtual reality research and prototype creation using VR goggles and 360 degree camera. In the field of MR (Mixed Reality), we are conducting research on hologram control using Microsoft HoloLens.

Drone's study

We are doing research on Drone's flight control.
In addition to remote flight control, our research theme is focused on image recognition and tracking of objects by using installed cameras.

An R & D blog is now opened to the public

  • We are regularly posting the information on R & D discovery and raising the development efficiency on the R & D blog.

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  • We are also proposing joint research at I-Enter.
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