Do you have this kind of wish?


Plan a new server plan


Utilize server protections


Correctly be able to access the server in all situations

AWS assistance

AWS(Amazon Web Service)

Amazon Web Service is a web service provided by the company Amazon which provides and online business and development platform. Through the site and platform utilizing cloud technology the site is able to provide business people and users a variety of services (IaaS/Paas/Saas)
A more well known service is a server rental service Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud, also known as Amazon EC2, a lot of people nowadays also refer to this as Amazon Web Services.

3 elements

We will introduce 3 elements with AWS

In the short term you don't need to set anything up

You needn't worry about necessary regulations

User work deletion



Backup list

Backup through AWS just what the doctor ordered, or the customer in this case. Through the cloud system it backs up your data in the event of an emergency which would otherwise cause your data to be lost.


utilization support

AWS environment planning, afterwards from implementation onwards we are there to assist you 24 hours a day 365 days a year if you so need it. We are here to provide that service for you the consumer.


Billing agency

The usage fee for AWS is basically set up like a credit card in which you can use to when you need to utilize the various services including a cleanup and repair service which can come in handy at times.

Real results