Don't you have this concern?

The cost of operating on paper makes human costs swell.

From work flow, consulting

Your order receiving management , staff and management and understanding can be made into a clear system. With paper Excel utilization, you need staff and it's more difficult; with a system and flow and expert consulting, it will make things that much easier for you.

Next we will look at data accumulation tactics that will help you thrive

Data analysis tools

Data are assets. Until now with data analytics we have been able to increase sales for the customer. i-enter provides a variety of data analytics that can do many things for your company.

The current system is difficult to use.

UI with a good feeling

We have a very specific eye for smart phone and tablet UI to make the customer happy. We consider a variety of factors to present a UI that raise efficiency for the system, orders received system, and management system.

i-enter's order processing system development

If you don't have an effective system for business, it is useless. Furthermore without a goal with KPI you can't have an effective system.

KPI ex) A company has a forecasted efficiency increase of 20 percent

Current business analysis
Important investigation
Executing a plan of action
System development
Provisional operation - real operation
KPI and result confirmation
User needs collection
User needs survey
Extent of revision survey

i-enter's order receiving management system development


Important matter definition

A desired matter, starting with a detailed analysis, new workflow project goals utilizing KPI for policy will be implemented. We will determine what kind of system based on your needs is necessary and work to implement it upon consultation.


Plan - construction - test

It is our job to develop a system that can be smoothly used, using UI wireframe to take down notes, we will confirm that it is operating smoothly. We will make sure the plan is operating accordingly. The good and their security checked and our specialty team will make sure it is secure.


Effectivess - Revision

In order for the system to work effectively we set up a plan to put forth. " If we use it this way it would be better". That's why we have a system of revision in place.

A result oriented system is

A system that enables the organization with distributing to manage effectively

Utilization will result in 30 percent cost reduction

Distributer focused payment system

A order receiving business with the reality of 0 misses