Full support for development a utilization, of course promotion as well

For EC site related development, leave it to i-enter! System plans, development, utilization, and of course promotion, we can provide a wide range of consulting services to you.

i-enter's strong points


Direct in house EC site operational know how


Lots of EC site development experience

Various promotion support

Support from the start of the project

For example consulting when starting an online shop, we can give you advice from the start of the project. Our goal is the create a win win situation for you from the start. We not only help your design an EC site, but we also assist you in figuring out the solutions you need.

サポート サポート

Speed development

Open source net shop planning package EC CUBE utilization, we can do that for you. We won't just give you a plain model, we will provide you with a module and analytical tool service needed.


Also promotion Leave it to us.

At i-enter, we help with promotion after the app is released. Our work doesn't stop when the app is completed, that is i-enter EC site development.