i-enter will solve your marketing issues

Marketing strategies and PDCA cycle implementation

Goal setting, marketing strategy, effectiveness verification set will provide you results.
Marketing plan effectiveness will be even large through effective updates and reforms as well as time spaced verification.

i-enter marketing service

In the middle of KPI is PDCA

If you don't have a promotion with reach and creativity at the same time then it is meaningless.
Before that to meet a business goal you should use KPI.
i-enter's KPI setting is very specific and in the high center of KPI your marketing strategy implementation.

Do you have this kind of problem?


The cost effectiveness is not good enough


Not enough resources


Not enough contents

There is a plan, but the ROI is not fully adequate to meet our needs and there might be a problem.
I want to approach marketing in a different way but there just aren't enough resources to make it happen.


You can't analyze the effects


Feel waste policy is


It can't be reporting

Not be able to analyze the effect of the measures. Effect also hit the promotion measures can feel the waste to not be obtained. Because the resource is not trivial, it can’t be reporting, measures unfinished.