Our goal is the clearly make something creative, for the growth of your business.


Our company doesn't just make a website. We make sure that your target and goals are achieved in a smooth and flowing manner. Also, the business plan, design, and various other important points are things that we take care of for you. We are your one stop service provider that can make your plans a reality. We are constantly thinking of the overall needs of your business when it comes to cost and effectiveness.

  • Target setting


    We will clearly set your target and pinpoint it.

  • Clarification of goal

    KGI / KPI

    It dropped the purpose of the production. Clarification of success.

  • Information plan


    We will set up a site based on usability and accessibility

  • Site updates - operation


    We will frequently update the site with efficiency

  • Branding


    We will provide a full site layout and design that the world will see

  • Multi-device


    Smart phones on a new and responsive site utilize a variety of features that we will provide for multiple devices.

Special analysis

  • We provide sales force
  • SNS
  • Video delivery
  • Media
  • C to C marketing

Access analysis

Making a site with us will also entail a free service through Google called GOOGLE ANALYTICS that will assist you in understanding the customer better. Through a detailed analysis of the consumer and your site traffic you can better plan for ways to better approach your strategy. There is no 100 point site from the beginning, but through careful policy planning we can make a great site possible from the start.

Google analytics

SEO planning

Our company, regarding SEO has a standard plan. In a search engine HTML coding is important, you need links and keywords to connect content to the user. We provide strategies so that the user can find a the page that they are looking for.


i-enter's design team utilizes UX/UI imagine, photography, visual contents planning to create the work. They are generally optimized for web and smart phone. We just don't create designs that look pretty, but designs that serve a purpose in a broad based way.

Google analytics


So the site can be easily updated, i-enter utilizes and specializes in using the CMS system. Our company uses the open source application Word Press . More than just CMS, by using this system, not only a pro, but anyone can easily update the system . We can also customize the system to meet your needs.
Using CMS, we can provide a great service for you.

Regardless of the Web service we can make it.

Cross sectional development needs

  • Needs
  • Technology

i-enter provides services like many other companies, for example, Web applications and development, system development for business, marketing systems, and various other things.
However, with i-enter we can make your service really soar. The reason why is, at a time when you say "Let's create this service!" You can develop the business system and web service using CRM salesforce, and increase the possibilities with development through us.
From i-enter's business system development, to web system development, smart phone development projects big and small, we have the planning experience you need. We have the technological skills and know how that you need to get the job done. This is i-enter's development style. This is exactly why if we said it in one word we would say " We will make any service".

Landing page work

Production of new products and the time period are considered as well as campaigns, the landing page etc. With the search engine and other product areas having a policy plan of action that results in attracting the user.

Our company will provide a revolutionary design for the landing page and settings; we will handle promotional plans as well. We provide a service that targets the target user in a new and revolutionary way.



  • Listing advertising
  • SEO
  • Access analysis

PAGELanding page work

  • Design
  • Coding
  • writing
  • photography

Produced Web service "results"

To know web service and to not make it means there will be no results!

  • Development
  • Design
  • Marketing

"User news" "User's view" is certainly needed when developing a website, but the biggest reason is if the user doesn't use the site then there is no reason to have a site in the first place. From i-enter's first steps of the development phase, we consider the user's view and after the release of the product of course we work to "attract customers". If you think that "If I just make a good page then customers will just come" you are greatly mistaken!!
Making sure the customer knows about the site and having them actually use it gives birth to value.
At i-enter our team of designers use UI/UX to make a design to increase usability and to attract customers. Not only that, but the development marketing team works for you.
With PDCA for web service, we can analyze that you will be greatly satisfied with our high level of service. Development, design, marketing are our 3 aspects that will make your web service successful.