app development

i-enter has the development know how to provide a wide array of entertainment app styles from electronic publications to business apps. Of course we can provide system setting, development, utilization; we can even provide setting up the service on Google Play and the App Store. Even after release, we can assist with updates based on the voice and needs of the user.
The purpose of application development depends on the needs of the customer, however; regardless of the number of goals and even after development has completed, our job has is not finished.

The application development effectiveness

"For the purpose of user convenience, we'd like to increase salability , we want to increase the web service to the customer and increase satisfaction." "Apps that help business management and increase effectiveness are also our goals."We also want to provide premier products for competitive prices" etc. With a variety of goals and purposes we will brightly and clearly provide you with a product that will produce real results.
Sales UP
Customer satisfaction
Business effectiveness
Cost reduction

Wide array of genre development

We believe that gaining the trust of customers for the development of more than 300 smart phone application projects is our proof. With the dawn of a new era for the smart phone, we are engaging in native application development that we believe that we can, more than other companies "Bring forth effective development results". Of course we are not only engaged in smart phone app development, but we are involved in an abundance of achievements in outside tool and web system development, including IoT. Feel free to ask us any questions.
  • Education - Learning
  • Video service
  • Video games
  • Electronic publications
  • Investment trust - FX
  • Media - News
  • Mail order
  • Area information
  • Word of mouth
  • Camera
  • Entertainment
  • Public service

Application × IoT

We are actively involved in the development of the relevant application to the IoT. Such application to be connected to the apps and consumer electronics to operate the lighting, actual results may vary.

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Application X Video

i-enter has developed various video applications. Original media player and streaming delivery including live stream are things we can provide to you.

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Application X UI/UX

Our firms design utilizes UI/UX. For that purpose we not only look at design but at the various functions and purposes of the customer.

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Application X GPS

We are developing many apps that utilize GPS. Push notifications based on Geo fencing in specialized areas is also possible.

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Application X beacon

Applications for distance calculations that utilize beacon, we can have coupons and route assistance provided for customers.

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i-enter application service scope

Analysis for attracting customers and getting results is something that we can provide results for!


Planning phase

UX Plan
Requirement definition


Development phase

Design - UI plan


Release phase

App Store application agent
Google Play application agent


Utilization phase

Utilization protection
Analysis- level of effectiveness

1. Planning phase

The goal of application development is to clearly begin the process. The goal is to increase sales and keep costs down and it varies on the project of course, but we will listen to your voice and make clear goals with you from the start.
In order to clear meet the target and customer needs we will start with a market survey, Persona setting, and "Customer Journey Map" to analyze the situation and provide you with a clear picture.
The shape of the plan will be set up through a UX plan and detailed through the server.

2. Development phase

Based on the basic requirements, direct development will commence.
Our company will utilize our engineers and designers throughout the process to analyze and produce the needed results.
It will start with prototype basics, as the product is developing we will continue with the process with the customers continued feedback and respond accordingly.

3. Release phase

After development testing is completed finally the product will be released.
We will assist you with entering the App Store and Google play "Leave it to us, we will make sure the necessary steps and completed in a professional manner to make sure everything is taken care of."

4. Utilization phase

After the product is released, utilizing PDCA and acquiring customers, analysis, security, and reforms; we will cover all the bases including marketing to assist in product sales and try to increase overall downloads and produce real results, if we do not utilize this policy it would be impossible to guarantee the results you need.
Leave all your results and promotional needs to i-enter!

From the release of the product, it's a competition!

Promotion and analysis produces "results". i-enter promotes your app after it is released.

i-enter development is development that doesn't end at the completion of the app development phase.

Re-word advertisements and ad networking, as well as DSP etc. New media, using various methods, we utilize cost effective and target driven advertising.


Store application processing

The "App Store" that Apple utilizes for application and content delivery, and Google's version Google Play can be directly carried out by us for you.


There are cases where companies create apps not to be sold but to be used internally by the company only. In this case we can calculate and reduce the cost of not providing this service if you want. However in this case, the number of iPhone/iPad's that can be registered through UDID is restricted to 100 devices. Also, a periodic provisioning file must be updated.

Enterprise focused application development

At i-enter, we develop enterprise focused applications. We this kind of app, we can say that to prevent Google Play distribution we can make tools specific for employees only in order to use the enterprise specific app. For more details, feel free to ask us.

Multilanguage localization

We can develop apps for multiple languages and targeted for each individual market. Translations are not by machines, but individuals. Based on the translation contents natural expressions are possible. We don't just make text, we explain the market that the app is targeted to.