"The IoT" keyword

Also performs development that corresponds to the latest of the IoT.

IoT, is known as the Internet of Things. It is objects and appliances, cars, watches; all connected to the internet.
At i-enter we can utilize IoT for you and make applications to make people's lives abundantly more convenient. Please consult us regarding a business plan, we will hear you out and shape a plan for you.


i-enter "IoT" example

We can provide coupon and beacon information for the users on an online shopping mall. Since we provide the user with real time coupon information, user and clients alike, we won't miss a chance!

If your appliances are connected to the internet, you can control them with your smart phone. For example, an air conditioner from far away, or a refrigerator that keeps track of what is in inside it.

IoT development special points

  • sensor
  • signage
  • health kit
  • smart car
  • smart home
  • public infrared

We will provide the latest technology with user news

When we say "news", we provide the best materials and provide the user with a high class "IoT" service. IoT development with i-enter, feel free to ask us any questions.