Our motto is "Producing effective development results"

We believe that gaining the trust of customers for the development of more than 300 smart phone application projects is our proof. With the dawn of a new era for the smart phone, we are engaging in native application development that we believe that we can, more than other companies "Bring forth effective development results". Of course we are not only engaged in smart phone app development, but we are involved in an abundance of achievements in outside tool and web system development, including IoT. However, regardless of the project we focus on the needs and desired results of the customer. In the area of marketing and design, our in house team of experts will deliver the results that you need with precision and speed. We invite you to access i-enter's individual project pages to get a better understanding of our service.

i-enter's project areas

Smart phone application development

With development achievements with over 300 different applications, we will develop any kind of app for you. Take a look at our various support genre's and abundant achievements.
  • iPhone application work
  • Android application work
  • Tablet application work

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IoT development

i-enter supports and connects mono and internet development for products such as sensors, smart home, health kit, and etc.
  • Sensor operating
  • Smart home operating
  • Health kit operating

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System development

We support a wide range of home page and industrial web system development. We are not only a software house, look at i-enter's web development.
  • Home page production
  • EC site development
  • Web system development

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Cloud development

We also specialize in utilizing the cloud environment. Talk to us about Salesforce application and AWS application development.
  • Salesforce
  • Kintone
  • AWS

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We also support the widely used marketing automation tool "market", web promotion that gets real results.
  • Marketing automation
  • Web marketing
  • Promotion

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We present to you the "Beautiful strategic design" that gets results. We support all UI/UX design and visual contents.
  • UI/UX
  • Application/ System design
  • Business logo design

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絆DreamPJ ~子供たちの未来へ~