Take the joy to the world


Aiming to be a trusted company that is loved,
We will persist tirelessly to:

  • - Enjoy Work
  • - Enjoy Growth
  • - Enjoy Challenges
  • - Enjoy Services
  • - Enjoy Gratitude

i-enter is an enterprise that focuses its energy on building love and trust with the customers, local community, and employees. It is for that reason that the company was established and created with the intent of enjoying work while growing, challenging, and providing service with gratitude.


1.Try to always act positively

2.Try hard in everything, with utmost effort

3.Try to practice Japanese manners

4.Intend to become the No.1

5.Transmit the pleasure to pursue velocity

6.Try to awake excitement in all people

7.Let shine one's force

8.Stay honest and humble

9.Make a team like a family

10.Realize dreams and hopes by continuing to strongly think of it